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In MAXIMA: Megan Young

In MAXIMA: Megan Young

When a couple from two different racial backgrounds decides to have a child, there is a joyous anticipation, a guessing game of some sort, of how their offspring will look.  Almost always, the child is a delightful mixture of both of her parents’ varied physical traits.  Born to a Filipino mother and an American father, Megan Lynne Young is a perfect example of this magnificent blend of genetics.

Born on February 27, 1990, the statuesque brown-eyed Filipino-American is a stunner at 5’7” tall.  Megan’s light olive skin and long brown hair give her an exotic flair, yet her sweet and genuine smile radiates a girl-next-door appeal.  Her poise and intelligence, in addition to her extraordinary beauty, provided Megan all the tools she needed to win Miss World Philippines 2013, and ultimately Miss World 2013.

(Excerpt from  Megan Young: Miss World 2013  by April Juan )

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