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Company Profile



Bravo Filipino Publishing entered  the world of Philippine publishing in 2011. Its flagship publication, Bravo Filipino Magazine, highlights outstanding individuals, explores the beauty of the Philippines, gives tips and practical guides to everyday living,  and presents inspiring stories that capture the heart and soul of our nation.


Our Story

Throughout her life, publisher Elizabeth Victoria has met many unique and inspiring individuals whose talents and abilities come unnoticed. She came to a conclusion that a venue is direly needed to showcase these wonderful and amazing people, and so she  produced a magazine that would do exactly this.

Achievers are featured to serve as inspirations to the youth―the future movers and shakers, and decision makers of this nation. Outstanding organizations, remarkable events, and awesome places in this open gallery are included to draw interest and support for them.  Articles that teach readers how to live their lives to the fullest are also a constant.  Hence, the essential lifestyle and culture magazine for today’s generation.


Our Mission and Vision

To inspire a nation one reader at a time.


Our Motto

Dream it. Achieve it. Celebrate it.


Our Staff and Partners

We believe in people who will move the Philippines forward. Therefore, we partner with those who are positive, and believers of the Filipino talent.